Software installed and configured

We will install and configure any additional software that you purchase with your computer, such as Anti-virus or Internet Security product, and Office software, or any other software you already own.  In addition to this we will install all Windows critical updates, ensuring that your computer’s software is completely up to date, giving you more time to do what you want.

Test hardware and software

We will run your computer through a series of hardware checks and boot tests. These tests are performed by qualified technicians, and cover all aspects of your computer’s hardware and software.

Additional equipment set up

We can set up any additional equipment that you purchase with your computer, such as a Printer or Webcam, or any other gadgets you already own.  We can also set up any individual User Profiles you require on your computer, customising your purchase to your personal needs.

Remove unwanted applications

We will remove any annoying, unnecessary or unwanted applications.

Our STAR Service is included FREE with all NCS Desktop Computer builds.