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In order to offer HomeFix we need to make sure the system is in a usable, safe and secure condition.  For this reason we include a full and comprehensive service of your PC before we install our remote software.

What is Remote Desktop Telephone Support?

Remote support is a technology that allows a technician to service your computer from a different  location. Our remote support tools are safe and secure and allow us to connect to your PC when you need assistance.  Help is just a phone call away.

What is HomeFix?

HomeFix is our standard remote support service for help and advice on any issues that may arise when using your PC, perhaps to show you how to backup your important files or to organise your music and photo library.

What is HomeFix Plus?

HomeFix Plus not only offers help and advice but also includes servicing and reloading of your PC whenever necessary.  HomeFix Plus also has the benefit of  unlimited virus and spyware removals.  A yearly remote service is advisable and is included in the monthly plan.

If your computer will not boot up or you do not have an internet connection we will be unable to connect remotely and will need your PC in our workshop to fix.

Terms and Conditions

Replacement hardware costs are not included, where required this is billed separately.

Support requests are responded to within 24 hours maximum and usually  much sooner.  This does not include evenings/weekends.

Payments are made via Direct Debit through GoCardless.

For HomeFix Remote Support assistance, please call us first on  01858 465111 then you will be able to access the link below.

HomeFix Remote Support

Need help that’s quick, easy and secure?  It’s just a click away.

When you sign up for HomeFix, you may never have to leave your home for computer repair or maintenance again.


Initial £89 For HomeFix Set-Up

(Includes Full Service of PC)

Remote Desktop Telephone Support

Per PC / month


HomeFix Plus

Initial £89 For HomeFix Plus Set-Up

(Includes Full Service of PC)

Unlimited Services and Reloads

(Includes Virus Removals)

Remote Desktop Telephone Support

Per PC / month